What is Digital Health

Welcome to the digital age of health

Everyone working in the healthcare industry knows the challenges we face - a £30 billion funding gap, an ageing population, lifestyle-related ill health and growing constraints on budgets. In a nutshell, an increasing demand for services but fewer resources to deliver them. 

That's where digital healthcare comes in.

A relatively new market, digital healthcare uses information and communication technology to face this growing challenge. It could be by increasing efficiency in processes - administrative and medical - promoting positive health-related behaviour change, or increasing the effectiveness of therapeutic processes and procedures.

Examples include apps that reward you for performing certain behaviours, web portals for patients to book appointments or order prescriptions, and devices that track and monitor patients remotely.

This just scratches the surface of what digital health is all about. It's going to take time, patience, research and teamwork to create the efficicent cost-reducing models and products that will bring about the step change we need.

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