Diabetes is a major concern to millions of people in the UK, and there is a host of information on line about life with diabetes, the kinds of treatments, technology and innovation that help people, as well as information about nutrition, lifestyle and how people have learned to live full lives.

To save you time, the team at DHEZ has collected just a few of the sites, blogs and relevant articles that we think give an insight into the topic.

A great starting point,

One of the best and most comprehensive hubs for all matters concerning diabetes in the UK is the website for the biggest UK diabetes charity, DiabetesUK.

The site is primarily aimed at people who have diabetes and their carers, however there is a host of very useful information to be found, as the charity also conducts its own research and works with a number of other organisations to promote better lifestyles and a more informed public.

In particular there is a useful overview of different types of diabetes as well as news on things like conferences and events

There is specific information for researchers, details of recent research outcomes and testing and monitoring regimes

Individual insights

For a more personal account of life with diabetes of all kinds, there are some really good blogs that give a true insight into the lives and challenges of people with diabetes.

We Were Promised Hoverboards – is an easy, human, accurate and engaging blog that covers many of the challenges and emotional aspects of diabetes, as well as some more mainstream ideas.

From Pen to Pump – tackles topics such as hardware (pumps etc.) as well as NHS prescription regimes and systems. Again, it gives real insight into how people live with the condition.

Every day ups and downs – is a well-researched and referenced blog that tackles issues of living with diabetes as well as many other related conditions and issues.

Research round-up

Recent more academic writings include the very useful Journal of Diabetes Nursing

This gives an overview of some of the professional challenges encountered by those working with patients – primarily nurses –  and, in particular, there are details of local experiences and developments.

Other good web sites include hubs such as Digital Health which often cover diabetes issues.

Diabetes is very broad subject with a great many challenges facing patients, their families and carers as well as doctors, researchers and medical technology practitioners. Keeping an eye on the many blogs and articles, research papers is time consuming and complex – but well-worth the effort to stay up to date with the latest developments.