valtrex prescription We recently had a new DHEZ Team member join us as a marketing intern for the summer. We asked Business Management Student at the University of Bradford, Isi Ojobo what she got up to during her internship and what life at DHEZ is really like.

translate buy retin a online What was your internship project based around?

publicize http://HJR-ENG.COM/62622-parachute-scalp-therapie-oil-buy-online.html The prime objective of my internship project was to shape and develop my marketing skills. I came into my degree with little experience so this was a fantastic opportunity for me to, not only learn new things, but to build and strengthen the skills I already had, which working for DHEZ did, with the help and support of the Marketing Officer Aksaa Mahmood and Marketing Manager Helen Horsman. I can now say I have first-hand experience of marketing for a digital health company. Best moment during your internship?

no prescription Dilantin My best moment, or moments rather, would be the positive feedback. The staffs are so friendly and encouraging so it does mean a lot to me, knowing I have little previous experience. It reassures me that I’m good at what I love and I am on the right track.

buy Lyrica australia Did you face any challenges?

A challenge for me, I would say, was the DHEZ festival. There was a lot going on at once hence a lot to cover, with regards to the marketing, but with help from Aksaa we didn’t fall short. She was very supportive.

What’s the defining moment of your internship?

After the two-day festival, I grew more confident in myself and my abilities. This, I think, really helped me get through the work I had to do more easily and I found that I needed less help as I went along because I knew what I was doing. This has also built my confidence in applying for other internships or jobs in the future.

What’s next for you?

I’m hoping to get internships for the next two summers before I graduate. I feel it would really boost my appeal and be a great addition to my CV, especially as I would like to apply for a master degree.

In 10 words or less, sum up your internship.

I couldn’t have asked for better experience with better people!