26 May 2016

A note from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The University of Bradford’s Vice-Chancellor’s Inaugural Roadshow took place earlier this month at Digital Catapult, London. Professor Bill McCarthy, Deputy Vice-Chancellor shares his thoughts on the evening and the Digital Health Enterprise Zone.

28 Apr 2016

Konnektis: Integrated personalised care

We caught up with Mark Howell's who is co-founder and CEO of Konnektis. They have developed a digital platform to encourage better real-time communication and collaboration between carers of older people.

8 Mar 2016

Blog: Thomas Forth

We held our first Digital Health Solutions Session on 24th February at Kala Sangam. One of our guests blogged about his thoughts on the event.

7 Mar 2016

Q & A with Nosheen Hussain

After completing my BSc in Clinical Sciences, I completed my MSc in Cancer Pharmacology and progressed to a PhD program; I am in the third and final year

20 Jan 2016

Blog: John Eaglesham

John Eaglesham expresses his thoughts on digital health in the first of our series of featured blogs.

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