Small and medium-sized enterprises — helping your business thrive

Whether you're an entrepreneur, new business, or established SME, you will know that who you work with and who you associate with are critical to your success.

That's why we've created a digital health eco-system to help you and your business thrive. Crucially, our focus is on helping you get your innovations to market faster and at a larger scale than your competitors.

The different support packages available are:

  • Start-up space - a base for your business in the beautifully updated and high-tech Digital Exchange in Bradford’s Little Germany
  • Incubation support - includes help with running your business, designing your product, testing, research and development, marketing, and funding
  • Accelerator programme - fast-track start-up support for selected high-growth companies.

The DHEZ Academic Building - opening early 2017, will also give you a physical facility to engage with the DHEZ eco-system of health professionals, academics, students and patients and test your ideas in a live regulated evaluation environment.

For now, trading from the Digital Exchange, attending our events, and talking to the DHEZ team and its extended and unique network provides opportunities to share ideas with like-minded individuals, respond appropriately to digital health challenges and develop solutions together that really work.

Large businesses — collaborating for success

We provide you the opportunity to work with innovators and small business with big ideas. Their ideas, passion and drive - together with your knowledge of bringing products to market, financial backing and access to teams of experts - will make for a great partnership.

In return, aside from the potential financial rewards, your organisation will be able to associate your brand with new and innovative products or ideas, and benefit from global recognition as a true market leader.


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