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Here are some examples of how we can use our community to work with a range of health professional groups:


We can introduce you to academics who can help you identify the biggest blockages in the transition from hospital to home to allow you to focus on the cases which bring the biggest impact and make transformational change more possible.  We can also provide access to patient data which makes the linkages between culture and health so you can tailor digital health interventions effectively.  We can link you with businesses you can nurture to ensure they are designing the right digital health solutions to your challenges and we can help the business make the transition that’s needed to provide it. 

GPs, Doctors and Dentists

We can link you up with academics and businesses to expose you and your staff to new ways of doing things and help you design and test the solutions you’ve already thought of with technical support in a safe environment in the new DHEZ building on the University of Bradford City Campus, opening in summer 2017.

Local Authorities

We can stimulate conversations between the public, private and civil society sectors about health data and draw on academic expertise to help you use your data to identify health care inequalities and seasonal care requirements to target your campaigns at the right time.  We can also help you develop creative digital health solutions that will motivate citizens to lead healthier lives to reduce the risk of developing long term conditions.

Private Care Providers

Your needs are likely to span many of the above areas, but you may also have a focus on care home provision, the monitoring of patient care, medication, wellbeing, and hospital admissions. We can help you look at solutions that will make these services run more smoothly and efficiently and enable high quality customer service and standards of care.



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