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Whether you want to bring an academic idea to life, help it develop into a practical care proposition or bring it into the curriculum of the next generation of health professionals, there's a role for you as a research partner in DHEZ.  DHEZ has an ever-growing community of researchers  interested in collaborating with other researchers, businesses and health professionals to solve health problems using digital innovation.

Alternatively, if you want to learn how to be a health professional in this technology-centred environment, or renew your professional skills and knowledge, there will be a place for you on our innovative postgraduate and professional development programmes.  For example, the new Masters in Public Health introduced in 2016 which will be the first course to incorporate the use of the new DHEZ Building on the University’s City Campus opening in summer 2017.

The new DHEZ building is a £4.5m refurbishment project to create a centre for academic collaboration and innovation.  The Centre's research and learning programmes will encompass evaluation and trials of new technologies, health data analysis, early diagnosis, health promotion and new models of self-managing, person-centred, integrated care. It will also include work on how we establish different care settings and scenarios within the model home and extended family.

The University of Bradford is one of the world's leading technology universities, with a strategy to integrate outstanding research, learning, and business partnership programmes in applied and vocational fields of scholarship. The innovative community in DHEZ focusses on preventing and manage long-term conditions like dementia, cancer and diabetes and establishing different models of care, especially how digital health innovations will change the way health and care is delivered.  Research and learning in all these areas lie at the heart of DHEZs vision.

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