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University of Bradford researchers have been driving digital projects with other researchers and businesses to solve some of the world’s health problems and to enrich teaching for its students for over a decade now. Advanced Healthcare research spans the whole organisation and is one of the University’s strongest themes. This wealth of digital health expertise is the reason the University of Bradford is the lead partner in the Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ).

DHEZ and the University seek to bring together a rich community of researchers from a variety of faculties and universities across the globe to find solutions to health problems that would not be possible otherwise.  DHEZ are developing a network of innovative, passionate and collaborative academics who can work together to win prestigious research grants, attract the right business partners to design and test innovations, and develop learning programmes to create future digital health experts.  Dedicated research staff will provide high quality support to source, write and submit grant applications.

University researchers are already working on a number of digital health projects including the University’s digital pathology suite and our strong partnership with Philips to develop less invasive digital autopsies.  Further projectsin the pipeline include:

  • Compassionate Cities Europe
  • a recovery college trial
  • telehealth trials for physiotherapy and optometry
  • NHS evaluations of role of technology for geriatric, ophthalmic and metabolic medical problems
  • patient safety trials
  • social technology in intensive care
  • family use of professional technologies in palliative care.

To build on this valuable expertise a new DHEZ building, the Phoenix Building, will be opened in Summer 2017  on the University’s City campus. The building will be a clinical, laboratory and domestic setting for teaching and research where academics can develop and test digital health innovations alongside students, health professionals, and businesses.  It will house clinics in optometry, physiotherapy and phlebotomy, as well as pharmacy consultation space, digital diagnostics labs, a ‘technology house’ model home, a health promotion unit and the Bradford Evaluation and Trial Unit. I’m 65 years old and I decided to try Cialis (Tadalafil) from I’m glad that I do not need a large dosage, in comparison with young men. I did not particularly want to poison the body with drugs. After taking Cialis, an hour and a half before sexual intercourse, I had an excellent sex. Academics and students across all Faculties at the University of Bradford will be enabled to investigate the technological dimension of their research and DHEZ will support them in their intellectual thinking, research design and grant applications.

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